The Flood is an online publication at the confluence of spirituality and radical politics.

To understand what we’re about, read some of our previously published articles, especially those from our editors.

The Flood is for anyone who feels their religious or spiritual beliefs call for direct action in the pursuit of social justice. It’s for anyone who has struggled with political engagement and come to believe that the kind of structural and systemic transformation we need is so all-encompassing that it is unavoidably spiritual in nature.

In particular we hope to wrestle with the implications of global warming. What is in store as current political and spiritual crises are accelerated by catastrophic climate change? How do we reckon with loss on such an unimaginable scale? Could a collective spiritual reckoning help to bring about a social movement powerful enough to counteract the world-ending forces inherent to capitalism?

The histories of spirituality and social movements are inseparable. Experiences of the sublime bump up against the mechanisms of the state, bureaucracy meets intimacy, and the mundane is disrupted by jubilation. The Flood explores these relationships and asks: as the waters rise, how can we help each other stay afloat?