Issue #2

Rise of the Serpent Cult

And Other Dispatches from the Prison Industrial Complex

By David A. Hoskins \ Corey Matthews

Illustration by David A. Hoskins

Editors’ note: We received the following letters in response to our call for submissions asking inmates to write about spirituality within the prison industrial complex. We’d like to thank everyone who sent submissions, and give a special thanks to Beth Brockman for her help in getting the word out.

From David A. Hoskins:hoskinsbook1_1.jpghoskinsbook1_2.jpgRosc3.jpgRosc4.pngrosc5.pngRosc6.pngRosc7.pngrosc8.pngrosc9.pngrosc10.pngrosc112.pngrosc12.pngrosc13.pngrosc14.pngrosc15.pngrosc16.pngrosc19.pngrosc20.png

From Corey Matthews:coreymathewspoem1.pngcoreymathewspoem2.pngcoreymathewspoem3.png

David A. Hoskins is a writer and illustrator and is currently incarcerated at Murray Correctional Institution in North Carolina.

Corey Matthews is a poet and writer and is currently incarcerated at Apalachee Correctional Institution in Florida.